Family members: Amaryllidaceae. Popular name(s): Rainflower, Rain Lily, Zephyr Lily Syn. Cooperia.&#13 &#13 Genus of about 70 species of bulbous perennials, some evergreen, uncovered in grassland from North to South The united states. Zephyranthes grandiflora (Zephyr Lily) makes 6 in. flower-stalks in early summer months, just about every bearing a Crocus-like bloom which before long… read more »


Spouse and children: Araceae. Zamioculcas leaf Frequent title(s): ZZ plant, Aroid Palm, Arum Fern Zamioculcas zamiifolia seems to be and resembles the cycad – Zamia furfuracea or cardboard palm. The species name “zamiifolia” indicates “with Zamia-like leaves”.&#13 &#13 It is sluggish developing plant. Large crops can arrive at 3-4 ft in top.&#13 The base of… read more »


Relatives: Amaryllidaceae. Vallota speciosa Dur. et. Schinz (Vallota purpurea Herb.). Frequent identify(s): Fireplace Lily, Scarborough Lily Syn. Cyrtanthus purpureus, Cyrtanthus elatus.&#13 Genus of about single species of clump-forming, bulbous perennials from grassland to forest and cliffs in Africa. In spring plant the bulb firmly in a 5-7 in. pot, and leave the major 50 percent… read more »


Relatives: Bromeliaceae. Tillandsia flabellata Widespread identify(s): Air plant Tillandsia cyanea Genus of about 400 species epiphytic, terrestrial, or rock-dwelling, evergreen perennials from scrub and woodland in S. US, the West Indies, and Central and South The us.&#13 The two most common Tillandsias have grassy leaves like Billbergia, but their bouquets are fairly various (Tillandsia cyanea… read more »


Family: Vitaceae. Tetrastigma voinierianum Prevalent identify(s): Chestnut Vine, Lizard plant Genus of about 90 species of evergreen and deciduous tendril climbers uncovered in tropical woodland from Indonesia and Malaysia to N. Australia. Tetrastigma voinierianum is the large of the vines team. Each individual leaf actions extra than 1 ft throughout when mature – the 3-5… read more »


Relatives: Acantaceae. Prevalent identify(s): Persian Defend Genus of 250 species of evergreen or deciduous perennials or comfortable-stemmed shrubs from woodland margins in Asia and Madagascar. Strobilanthes is a foliage plant. The extensive, pointed leaves are dim green with a silvery purple sheen. Regretably this physical appearance declines with age – outdated plants glimpse straggly and… read more »


ZanaLithuania19th Sep 2005 Hi, everywhere it is written only about flowers of Stephanotis, but anywhere about its fruit. Because this summer after flowering my flower gave some kind of fruit lokking like mango, the size is the same big. Is that usual thing for this kind of flower? I don’t know… Because there are no… read more »


Spouse and children: Amaryllidaceae. Sprekelia formosissima Genus of a one species of bulbous perennial from rocky slopes in Mexico and Guatemala. It has semi-erect, strap-shaped, basal leaves, and is grown for its huge, showy, 6-petaled purple bouquets, from time to time marked or striped yellow, borne in spring. Rising conditions Watering and misting Propagation Plant… read more »


Loved ones: Urticaceae. Soleirolia soleirolii Dandy (Helxine soleirolii Req.) Frequent title(s): Helxine Syn. Helxine&#13 Genus of a single species of vigorous, dwarf, monoecous, evergreen perennial from moist, shaded web-sites in W. Mediterranean islands. It is cultivated for its contemporary environmentally friendly foliage. Helxine is superb in hanging baskets or for masking the soil about tall… read more »


Family: Rutaceae. Skimmia japonica Skimmia reevesiana&#13 Genus of 4 species of monoecious or dioecious, sometimes harmaphrodite, evergreen shrubs and trees identified in woodland from the Himalayas to S.E. Asia, China, and Japan. These sluggish-expanding dwarf shrubs are preferred for their glossy environmentally friendly leaves and crimson hollylike berries that final into wintertime. Their pinkish buds… read more »